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Huatulco Developing Plans

Huatulco Developing Plans

The Mexico's FONATUR tourism organization visualizes the future of Huatulco as a destination that has achieved important international positioning, by means of a diversified supply of high quality tourist attractions, aimed at tourists who seek contact with nature, the region's cultural heritage or nautical activities.

As a result, over the next few years the Fund will be implementing an urban-tourism development strategy aimed at detonating this Integrally Planned Resort in accordance with this vision.

Huatulco is visualized as:
* An ecological destination, in which its vocation for nature stands out.
* A destination that forms part of a tourist circuit, together with the city of Oaxaca, highlighting the tradition, culture and historical heritage of the region.
* A destination that is part of the tourist corridor that includes Puerto Escondido and the Chacahua lagoons.
* A destination for cruise ships, due to its maritime infrastructure and its privileged geographical location.

In this panorama, several activities will be carried out, including:
* The incorporation of recreational facilities.
* The boosting of conventions, cultural and nightlife tourism.
* The capture of new market segments with actions involving the cruise ship pier, theme parks, ecotourism tours and adventure activities.
* Closer ties with the capital of Oaxaca, extending the average stay of visitors.
* Implementation of sea and land ecotourism infrastructure.
Global tourism has proven to be an activity of vital importance for countries' economies and Mexico meets every condition to make investment in tourism big business