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Huatulco Mexico Eco-Travel

Huatulco Mexico Eco-Travel

Huatulco, Mexico offers a relax and enjoy the sun atmosphere. It is located 425 miles southeast of Acapulco. A newly built infrastructure has allowed new amenities to blossom along its pristine beaches. The aura ensures you are miles away from civilization. Under developed land and beach fronts provide relaxation to its fullest. During the evenings, your miles away from the fast paced nightlife. Huatulco offers one of the most important tourist developments on the pacific coastline.

Huatulco, Mexico is still a developing resort area in Mexico. Less than half of Huatulco´s nine bays have been developed so far making it less attractive than other places in Mexico such as Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa. On the other hand, you will have the chance to visit beautiful undeveloped bays and beaches avoiding the traditional crowd of popular places.

Huatulco is for nature lovers. Now is the best time to enjoy nature, before it becomes the next Cancun of the Pacific Ocean. Discover the undiscovered - fill your day with rafting, and jungle adventures. Try the day cruise to uncharted beaches with fun filled snorkeling. All water sports revolve around the nine bays in the area. Yes, nine bays.

Huatulco has its own airport which mainly has flights arriving from Canada and the United States. Connecting flights are also available to other major resort towns and cities. The bus terminal in Crucecita provides access to towns like Acapulco, Mexico City and Puerto Escondido. From the bus terminal, Huatulco can be reached via a quick taxi ride.

The Oaxacan coast, has average water temperatures of 28ºC and clear days nearly all year round, the nine bays comprising this tourist complex have azure waters, fine white sand and an unusual landscape that creates privacy and gives each one a distinct personality.

The surrounding vegetation ranges from low, deciduous forest to gallery forest and mangrove swamps that provide refuge for skunks, raccoons and armadillos as well as herons, pelicans and falcons, particularly during the rainy season. The complex covers an area of 35 km by 7 km of spectacular landscape that allow you to commune with nature, particularly in the virtually unspoiled beaches of Chachacual, Cacaluta, El Organo and Conejos. Beaches at Bays of Huatulco Mexico Beaches
Huatulco, Santa Cruz, and La Crucecita are in an "ecological zone".

The Huatulco area is protected from future development, and the area is serviced by new sewage systems and modern water systems so that no waste goes into its nine pristine bays. Huatulco has been awarded the Green Globe certification, and it is the only resort in Mexico to receive this prestigious award.


Green Globe is the world wide benchmarking and certification system for the travel and tourism industry across the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental management.