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Drive From Oaxca City to Huatulco

Drive Oaxaca City to Huatulco

When in the state of Oaxaca,  on of the most common questions is how long will it take to get from the city of Oaxaca to the beaches of Huatulco. Highway 190 to Huatulco is the easiest to navigate and offers the best road conditions, however it takes you at least a couple of hours out of your way south, and is therefore not the best option unless of course you plan to visit Salina Cruz on your way to Huatulco.

There is a super highway under construction that when completed should take less than 2 hours to reach the coastal cities in Oaxaca. Until then the best route is Highway 175. Although Huatulco is not that far approximately 170 miles, it will take a skilled driver a minimum of 6 to 7 hours to drive. The trip will take you over narrow windy mountanous roads. If you get car sick you may want to think about flying. Below is a list of driving distances and times along Highway 175 from Oaxaca City to Bahia de Huatulco. We offer maps and driving directions to Huatulco.

* Drive from Oaxaca to Octotlán - 40 minutes - 20 miles
* Drive from Ocotlán to Ejutla - 25 minutes - 15 miles
* Drive from Ejutla to Mihuatlán - 38 minutes - 25 miles
* Drive from Mihuatlán to San Jose del Pacífico - 50 minutes - 22 miles
* Drive from San Jose del Pacífico to Pochutla - 145 minutes - 62 miles
* Drive from Pochutla to Huatulco - 45 minutes - 30 miles