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Buy Huatulco Real Estate

Real Estate in Huatulco

Mexican laws have changed several times in the last 25 years. First in 1989, 1993, and in 1995 for the NAFTA treaty. The recent 95 NAFTA Treaty introduced many investor friendly laws to foreigners. Now.. buying real estate in Huatulco Mexico has become much easier than ever before.

Buying Real Estate in Mexico's Coastline known as "mexico restricted zones". Mexico's restricted zone area is known to be describred as land within 30 miles off the mexican coastline. The "Mexico restricted zone" also applies to 62 miles from Mexico's borders.

The Mexican government made it easier for foreign real estate investoers within the known restricted zones.

You are able to set up a real estate trust names a Fideicomiso. Define: Fideicomiso is a real estate trust with a 50 year term. Under this type of trust, a Mexican bank must be designated as the trustee and as such, holds legal title to the property and is owner of record, but the beneficial use is held by the property buyer. The beneficial owner may enjoy the unrestricted use of the property, including the right to reside on the property, sell the property, rent lease the property, improve the property.

A Fideicomiso grants the same rights and obligations regarding land ownership as those enjoyed by Mexican citizens. Fideicomiso's are not part of a banks assets and can not be attached by a bank creditor. The one time cost for establishing a fideicomiso is approximately $,1201 USD. The trustee (the Fiduciario) charges a yearly administration fee, which cost depends on the property's value and varies by bank.