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Weddings in Huatulco Mexico

Weddings in Huatulco Mexico

If you want to get married in Mexico, there is nothing legal or technical stopping you from doing so; but you will need to plan ahead and get a few documents together, fill in a few forms and pay a few fees.You can opt for a legal ceremony that requires blood tests and legal paperwork to be performed within Mexico. Or you can select to have the legal paperwork and ceremony done at home and save the symbolic and/or religious ceremony for the beach. Many couples choose this option for its simplicity, and most resorts have a wedding planner to help guide you through the process, whichever option you choose. Wedding planners can also take care of all the details, from catering, lodging and music, to entertaining any children that might make the trip.

Planning a Mexican Wedding in Huatulco Mexico

Mexico has two types of marriage ceremonies, civil and religious. The civil ceremony is the only one that has any legal standing, and is recognized outside of Mexico. The civil ceremony requires that the couple have positive identification, such as a passport or birth certificate, a blood test performed in Mexico, and wait three days from the filing of the paperwork to the ceremony itself. If one or both parties are divorced, you must provide proof that the divorce has been final for at least a year. Also, four witnesses are required, two for each member of the couple. The ceremonies are performed in the local registrar's office by a government official. However, arrangements can be made to have the ceremony in an outdoor location. Your wedding planner can arrange this for you. The couple receives a certification, stating that they are legally married according to the laws of Mexico. This is largely recognized as legal worldwide.

The religious ceremony is mostly for show, pomp, and pageantry. These are held in a church, or perhaps an outdoor location, such as a beach or garden. The couple must show proof of a civil marriage, performed either in Mexico, or at home, before a religious ceremony can be performed.