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Fractional Real Estate Rentals Huatulco Mexico

A pair of US real estate consultants, Stefan Peirson and Sean Zimmerman, have joined forces to create Strategic International Advisors, a company specializing in the sales, marketing and strategic planning of luxury real estate, including private residence clubs and fractional ownership properties throughout the US, Caribbean, and Europe.

"Fractional Real Estate Rentals Huatulco Mexico"

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Huatulco Mexico Direct and Connecting Flights

Adventure Lovers love to travel to Mexico. It is an easy destination from Colorado, as there are several non-stop and connecting flights. A relatively unknown destination in Mexico is Huatulco. A few years ago, I was invited on an Apple Vacation familiarization trip to Huatulco. Always ready to learn and experience a new destination, my bags were quickly packed and I was on my way to Huatulco.

"Huatulco Mexico Direct and Connecting Flights"

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Welcome to Huatulco Mexico Beaches

Welcome to Huatulco, Mexico, where the combination of unspoiled beaches, tropical forests, golden sands and sun, has everyone convinced they've arrived in paradise! Twenty years ago, Huatulco consisted of 34,000 hectares of largely uninhabited forest reserve and nine pristine bays of soft brown sand. The sole inhabitants lived in a humble fishing village known as Santa Cruz Huatulco.

Today, although many luxury resorts have been developed along these magnificent bays, little has changed, and this is the appeal of Huatulco. In recognition of the ecological importance of this region, it has been designated a National Wildlife Preserve, and all development has been planned and carried out with the preservation of the territory in mind. In fact, several of the bays are still completely undeveloped today and can only be accessed by boat.

"Welcome to Huatulco Mexico Beaches"

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Descriptions Huatulco Mexico Ecotourism Destinations

Oaxaca´s nine bays were chosen as to include the coasts in México's socio-economic development, as well as to aid the creation of South Pacific beach destinations.

"Descriptions Huatulco Mexico Ecotourism Destinations"

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Descripción Destino Huatulco Mexico Turismo

Con el fin de integrar las costas de Oaxaca al desarrollo económico de México y fortalecer la creación de destinos de playa en el Pacífico Sur atrayendo el turismo internacional, se eligieron las nueve bahías de Huatulco por sus características únicas, su belleza excepcional y la cercanía de importantes atractivos culturales y naturales, sin alterar la ecología de la región.

"Descripción Destino Huatulco Mexico Turismo"

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Huatulco Mexico Port Integral Administration

Huatulco Mexico What is an API? First of all, API means Port Integral Administration (API), which is granted by the Mexican government to a Mexican mercantile society through a concession to glide, program, develop, use, and exploit the goods and services of a specific port. An API is autonomous in its operative and financial management, the government establishes its policies and internal procedure. What is a port manager? A port manager is the holder of the concession for the API, who has to:

"Huatulco Mexico Port Integral Administration"

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Huatulco Port Services Headquarters

Juan Manuel Galarza Tohen General Director
Juan Pablo Rodríguez Román Port Administratio, Underdirector

César Lira Reynoso Port Services
Tecoyotitla #100, 1er Piso Col. Florida, C.P. 01030 México D.F.
Tel. (55) 50904363 Fax (55) 50904200 ext. 4716
Port Administration of Huatulco, Oax

Mario Harrigan Garfias Operations Manager
Tehuantepec Manzana 12 Lote 6, Sección A, C.P.70989
Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca
Telefono: (958) 58-715-91, 58-714-10
Fax : (958) 58-713-56

Etelberto Dionisio Serrano Flores Protection Official
Tehuantepec Manzana 12 Lote 6, Sección A, C.P.70989
Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca
Telefono: (958) 58-715-91, 58-714-10
Fax : (958) 58-713-56

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Huatulco Mexico Port Services

• Pier with capacity for two, 4th and 5th generation cruises (919 ft long by 117 ft wide and weighing 101,535 tons)
• Moorage riggings
• Land wharf
• Mate service
• Booting
• Garbage recollection
• Four berths for boarding and disembarking onto two floating docks
• Provisioning
• Fresh water supply
• Sewage collection service
• Garbage collection service

Destination Attractions
• International airport
• Travel Agency, hospitals and hotels
• Money exchange
• Guided Tour
• Regional Gastronomy, Typical Regional handicrafts
• Tangolunda Golf course, with 18 holes
• Aquatic sports as fishing, snorkel, and scuba dive, windsurfing, etc.
• Variety of marine life
• International Public telephones, Taxis and buses
• The sight to the estates Cafetaleras of the region

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Flights Houston Huatulco Mexico Natural Attractions

By Kristin Finan - I never expected to find a knight in shining armor on my beach vacation. But as I stepped into Camelot — a "medieval bar" I assumed would be even less entertaining than "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" — there it was: A shimmering, 7-foot-tall suit of armor.

With its turrets, chainmail, swords and torch-shaped lights, Camelot seemed out of place in the Bays of Huatulco, a tourist region on Mexico's southern Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. It was obviously someone's quirky dream. But then I realized that the bar was a perfect example of what's so charming about the area: It is filled with simple delights.

From its sparkling bays and sugar-cookie-colored beaches to the rock formations that rise up from the bottom of the ocean, Huatulco is vastly different from the crowded stretches of sand common along the Yucatán Peninsula.

The region, which stretches along 25 miles of coastline, once was home to just a small fishing village. Developed for tourism in the 1980s by Fonatur, the government's tourism arm, it has managed to avoid the mega resorts and restaurant chains that frequently mark such destinations.

"Flights Houston Huatulco Mexico Natural Attractions"

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Beach Girls in Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico Videos Chicas

"Beach Girls in Huatulco Oaxaca Mexico Videos Chicas"

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Video Voyage de Tangolunda Bay Huatulco Mexico

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